Short term orthodontics are our most popular choice to create your perfect smile, quickly and discreetly.

Near- invisible aligners are used to gently guide your teeth into position without the appearance of traditional braces and are suitable for mild to moderate dental irregularity, crowding or spacing of the teeth.

A series of mouthguard style clear aligners will be created for you and they will fit closely over your teeth to move your teeth incrementally into position with relative ease and comfort.

Although aligners must be worn full-time day and night, except for meal times and brushing, they can be removed for sport and ‘special occasions’ making them an ideal choice for many to suit lifestyle or work commitments.

We offer a choice of invisible aligners and after a full examination of your teeth your dentist will discuss the best options for your individual case, budget and priorities.

This may include being referred to a Specialist Orthodontist if you have a more complex treatment need and this will help you to make the right decision for your treatment.